Transnational Community

Some of our teachers offer weekly group sessions held on Zoom, and would love for you to join them!

Yoga in English e Português Brasiliero com Paola

Sundays at 15pm UTC

Ewe Language with Kofi

Mondays at 13pm UTC

Learn Taarab Music of Zanzibar, Singing and Oud withSiti Amina

Mondays at 9am UTC

Clases de Elongación y Danza con Luz

Cada lunes a las 22:30pm UTCCada martes a las 12pm UTCCada miércoles a las 20 y las 21pm UTCCada jueves a las 22:30pm UTC

Settler Colonialism and the Natural Environment withPMNH

Every Tuesday at 6pm UTC

Ioga com Paola

Toda quarta-feira às 18pm UTC

Neurobiología conPaul 

Cada miércoles

Women's Meditation and Creation Circle withKatie

Fridays at 7pm UTC

Non-Competitive Games withManish

Saturdays at 10:30 am UTC

Capoeira Angola con María

Cada sábado a las 16pm UTC

Immersion dans la Langue Française et la Culture Guinéenne avec Lucien

À déterminer

Palestinian Arabic with Hanadi


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