Transnational solidarity through teaching and learning

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Quarantine Renaissance is a multi-lingual, transnational movement of people breaking down hierarchies and normalizing justice through teaching and learning languages, humanities, arts, sciences, and physical activities. We advocate a “renahdacimento,” a personal and social renaissance that grows in an environment shared between people who speak different languages and have different stories, contexts, passions, and experiences and seek border-breaking contact in order to construct a stronger and more just future for the planet. A commitment to representation and building platforms for marginalized voices in their mother tongues underlies a renewal of a person’s permission to experiment, make mistakes, sing off-key, ask questions, and explore without shame. In pursuit of fostering autonomous, solidarity-based economies, we build our economic model on reciprocity: In exchange for weekly classes, students can offer teachers time banking, a skill exchange, or monetary payment.


● QR is a platform to build community and put people in contact so they can teach and learn from each other. We are not a business, we are a group of people learning together and helping each other out in reciprocal ways. ● 1 minute introduction videos: Teachers present themselves so students can choose lessons● All lessons are by video call or in person if you find a teacher near you.● The economic model of the site is RECIPROCITY / MUTUAL AIDE. Students offer either monetary payment, a skill trade, or time banking directly to the teacher. ● Teachers can organize group classes with students from all over the world. Students using the same device can divide payment between them, or they can offer a skill exchange or time banking. ● Payment method, video calling app, and language of instruction are the choice of the teachers and students. We don't get involved :-) ● Quarantine Renaissance is run by volunteers and does not charge teachers to submit videos. ● We are not responsible for communications, disputes (though we hope these will not happen!) between teachers and students. ● A note on movement classes (yoga, elongación, capoeira Angola, etc): know your body's limits. The teachers and organizers of QR are not responsible if you injure yourself on zoom. Have fun, but please take care and stay safe.


Write to moc.liamnotorp%40ecnassianerenitnarauq with:
● your contact information● 1 minute video in which you introduce yourself and explain to students what you can teach by video call. ● a title 
SKILL EXCHANGE: If there are skills you would like to learn, list them as mutual aid alternatives.
TIME BANKING: A student can offer you an equal amount of their time to help you with something you need


Check out the lessons offered in our community. Contact the teacher directly to arrange a time for a video call lesson. QR lessons are based on reciprocity, so here are some options you can offer directly to the teacher:
MONETARY PAYMENT: Communicate with the teacher and find what works for both you and them :-)
SKILL EXCHANGE: Contact the teacher and offer a skill you can exchange for their lessons
TIME BANKING: You can offer an equal amount of your time to help the teacher with something they need
*you can also discuss alternatives with the teacher if you have suggestions

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